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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many types of Payroll Software?
Vishva Software available in mainly 2 types. 1. Online system , 2. Offline system. oflline system is generally known as Desktop based version & online may accesible via browser & can be devided as per user rights. online syatem can be availabe on cloud (SaaS) as well as on licence basis.
What is cloud (SaaS) system?
Saas is a Software as a service model where client do not need to purchase any kind of software & hardware. It is a simple process where system is available on our server & you will pay on monthly basis.. it will suitable for small & medium organisation who do not want to spend a huge money on software & do not want to manage server.. Just a 2 simple way to start.. 1.One time setup of all data in web based system 2.Login & use of system
What is desktop Version?
This system is idle for a micro organization, where limited employees are working. This is a local host system in client PC. Client need to enter the attendance & other data manually. Software will automatically calculate the payroll & generate the reports. Advantages are: Very cheap, Easy to use, IT infrastructure not require, Automate the payroll system, Can keep all records.
What is data security in SaaS model?
We have a 2 dedicated backup servers where system generating auto back-ups in every 1 hour, weekly, monthly & yearly.. we are having https protocal & strong network security. we will give you data back ups by your panel regularly..
What is Validity & limit of Licenced version?
We are providing lifetime validity with any licenced version . mypaybook comes with unlimited employee & company insert limit.
What is covered in Vishva Software?
starting from recruitment, selection, leve, attendence , payroll to taxation, full & final, account JVs & Recording of entire data at one place. in short, its magic at one click..
Still have confusion?
Dont worry !! our expert may help you to choose best suitable plan for you. our small advice help you a lot in running your daily HR Practice very smoothly.. Wrire us on, we will contact you in 2 working hours..